Best Portable Speakers Under Rs 1000 – Aug 2019

Best Portable Speakers Under Rs 1000 – Aug 2019
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Best portable speakers under Rs. 2000 in India. These portable speakers offer the right mix of performance and features. All these speakers can play audio via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio jack. While they may not pack the required punch to entertain a party, they are good enough for a small group and casual listening. Ideal for those fun cooking sessions.


JBL Go may look like a small toy box, but when it comes to performance, it can outrun every portable speaker in its category, hence it occupies top spot under best portable speakers for Rs 2,000 category. Connect it via Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable, and you will be surprised by the quality and strength of this ‘small’ speaker. It comes in various colors and offers almost 7-8 hours of battery life.


Logitech X100



Logitech X100


Logitech X100 is small, yet truly powerful. This small speaker can outperform many others in its segment, in terms of quality and connectivity. Battery life is very good and can sustain 5-6 hours of music sessions easily. It is also available in multiple color options, too.

  • 2000 BUY

Portronics Sublime 2

Portronics Sublime 2


Portronics Sublime 2 is a solid 2.1 channel Bluetooth speaker with a built-in FM radio. The speaker supports microSD cards upto 32GB, aux input and NFC. It gives really good audio output. However, unlike many other contenders, it does not let you answer calls.

2799 BUY

Philips SBA3010

Philips SBA3010


The Philips SBA3010 truly serves the purpose of a well-built, small portable speaker. Unlike many others, it does not support Bluetooth connectivity. However, it does come with a retractable 3.5mm cable.

1999 BUY

Frontech JIL-3906

Frontech JIL-3906


This small Bluetooth speaker from peripherals manufacturer Frontech is one of the smallest portable Bluetooth speakers available which occupies the final spot in portable speakers under Rs 2000 category. The speakers are quite inexpensive and supports music playback via aux as well as microSD card

600 BUY

Here’s is the summary list of Best Portable Speakers Under 2000 Rs in India 2018

Product Name Price starting from Available at Rating
JBL Go 1999 N/A 72/100
Logitech X100 2000 amazon 70/100
Portronics Sublime 2 2799 amazon N/A
Philips SBA3010 1999 amazon N/A
Frontech JIL-3906 600 amazon N/A

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